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"Warwick began this training a month ago in May 2009"

Testimonial Received 8th June 2009

Dear Warwick,

I wanted to drop you a line to talk about the outstanding progress our kids have made since we trained with you.   As the parents of a 15-year- old girl who was not going to school, was routinely rude, often aggressive and in a dominant position in the house we were at our wits end.   Every day was a battle, my wife lived in fear of her.   The other children, particularly our 5-year-old daughter, were deeply traumatised by the constant fighting and tension.

Our 15-year-old had been seeing two psychiatrists who diagnosed her with Dyspraxia and was on two separate types of medication, but it had done no good at all.   Despite all the school support workers, social workers, police and psychiatry her problems were becoming ever more serious and we were rapidly approaching the point of divorce because of the unrelenting tension.   No one helped in any way, they just talked, and her exceptional intelligence and incredible stubbornness just wore everyone out before they made a dent in her behaviour.

Worse, our 15-year-old was not the only problem.   Our 13-year-old Son was constantly whining and getting into trouble at school.   Our 5-year-old had stopped asking questions at school and become withdrawn to the extent that the school asked a home link worker to come and talk to us. Our 2-year-old was throwing constant tantrums and the two younger ones were making our evenings a misery, constantly crying and demanding more drinks, DVD's and attention when put to bed.

The month since we trained with you has been the most rewarding experience of our lives, although the path has been incredibly tough.   It was hard to accept that we had caused the situation we were faced with, as all the professionals involved had very soothingly told us we weren't at fault.   It was even harder to remain calm in the face of the extreme provocation our eldest has used to try and break us.   The results speak for themselves though.

Within two weeks the school contacted us again to talk about the incredible improvement in our 5-year-old to say "the sparkle is back in her eyes" and she is now happy and confidently back at the top of the class.   She has had 2p deducted in four weeks.

Our two-year-old is now as good as gold, her trips to the naughty spot have almost disappeared and apart from the occasional penny deduction she is practically perfect in every way.

Our 13-year-old boy is receiving all kinds of plaudits from his school, his best ever lessons in two different subjects, commendations and his home behaviour is a joy.   No more whining and a perfect day every day.

Our eldest has been a revelation.   She tried her absolute best to break out of the new regime, using physical pushing, vile insults, refusing to go to school any day, going out without permission, getting drunk and saying things we never would have believed her capable of saying.   Along the way though, an amazing thing happened.   We began to see our old daughter, the smiling, generous spirited, beautiful kid we hadn't seen for ages.   She has kept up her attempts to periodically break the system until the last three days, when she has been extremely well behaved.   And this morning, she actually got up and went to school, she went out after school, came home on time and went to bed on time at 9.30 without complaint.   This from someone we struggled to get to sleep before the early hours.   She has not taken her medication for 6 days and yet she has been more pleasant than we can remember.   She has been out with her friends, and has not been rude to us once.

It's been an incredible transformation, not without massive bumps in the road, but it has been a real revelation how much of this is a game played for attention, and once you stop playing the game, they all stop playing it too.

My wife and I have been able to enjoy our evenings together again and we have both learnt a lot about ourselves in the process.   All the terrible behaviour we have had being our fault was the hardest thing to face up to, but if it isn't our fault how can we change it? We had allowed ourselves to be talked into all this being a type of high functioning Aspergers, when it patently is not.   It's just a tantrum.

I would recommend anyone in a similar situation to talk to you.   It has been the best investment we have ever made, and without question it has turned our family around and put my eldest in with a chance of getting to University.   We still have some way to go I'm sure but we now know how to get there.


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