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Problems for Parents

Problems Between Siblings

With BCC advice the desired changes are usually effected in this area very quickly.

Even if the children are very young (just speaking - pre-speaking) the change is usually equally fast.

Strong Willed and Insistent Youngsters

If you are having problems with child who refuses to do what you ask or who screams or carries out some other extreme behaviour when they do not get their own way..........

Or if you may have an older child who refuses to do what you ask, or always seems to find some way of getting his or her own way..........

you might decide to contact us

If you do 'win' you may have a youngster that manages to find a way of punishing you so that you are less inclined to use the successful strategy again..........

Or you may have a youngster who says that they   'don't care'   when you threaten a sanction or on whom your sanctions often have no effect..........

in which case you might decide to contact us

Rudeness and Disobedience
If your youngster is rude or dismissive of you - particularly when you are trying to get him or her to do something that s/he doesn't want to do..........

My Child's Behaviour Reminds me of My
Previous Partners Worst Behaviour

If your youngster's behaviour reminds you of a departed partner, then you need immediate help with the behaviour and with your analysis of it.

For this or any other behaviour problem....

Please Contact Us.....

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