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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be Warwick Dyer himself that works with my family? Yes Warwick works with parents himself, no other supporters are involved at any stage.

What qualifications does Warwick Dyer have?
Warwick is a  Teacher  he is not a Doctor, Psychiatrist or Psychologist.  He was trained in a team of specialist teachers and worked for 18 years as a behaviour specialist advising and training teachers and parents and counselling youngsters.

Do you work with children who have been diagnosed with
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ?

With the behaviour associated with ADHD, yes.   If you are currently (or still notionally) a patient or client of another professional courtesy requires that you speak to them first.

Do you work with children who have been diagnosed Aspergers or Attachment Disorder or other Behaviour Disorders?
Yes.  With same qualifications as above.

What is your success rate for changing ADHD-associated behaviour?
Our success rate with the few children we have worked with so far has been very high and the correlation between the behaviour we successfully change (see this page) and typical ADHD behaviour is also VERY high.   

Do you give the same advice regardless of whether the child has ADHD or not?
If you mean  "do the same principles apply?"  Then Yes, Warwick works on they assumption that they do, but he does not give the same detailed advice as all cases are different.  Warwick's working life, in any case, is taken up with children who display behaviours that are difficult to distinguish from children diagnosed with ADHD.         
Some notes for ADHD parents

If the "interactional difficulties" between the parents and the ADHD child are solved are you saying then that the problems with the child are solved, and there is no need to treat the child for ADHD?
When extremely difficult behaviour is not caused by "interactional problems" with the parents it usually creates them.   The way parents handle ADHD children is always an issue.   Warwick's experience, although limited, suggests that behaviour is often either handled badly or not handled precisely enough to enable parents to train their ADHD child's behaviour.

It might be that ADHD predisposes a child to "chronic bad behaviour" but does not
 make them behave badly .   This would explain why the small sample worked with did not continue to behave as badly when their parents were carefully trained to respond differently.   Interactive behaviour techniques may not alter the underlying ADHD but may dramatically change the trauma of living with it.

My daughter's behaviour is so extreme it must be ADHD
Not necessarily.   Some children drive their parents to distraction.   It is not uncommon for parents to have built up (without realising it) a repertoire of responses that are seriously inappropriate and inconsistent,  which results in some serious-looking persistent behaviour ("chronic bad behaviour").   The child's behaviour is extreme - the parent does not know what to do - so - they repeat what they have always done.   In these cases a younger child's behaviour although entrenched is often still relatively easy to change, the difficulty is in convincing parents of the importance of the consistent use of subtle changes to their own behaviour.

I want to go ahead what do I do next?
Ring us on 0208 771 5589 (overseas 44 208 771 5589). Explain the problems you are having and Warwick will tell you if he feels he may be able to help.  If you decide to go ahead we will set a mutually convenient day for the consultation (when your child is not around - children never know that we are involved) and you pay a deposit of 20%. We will then make travel arrangements.
As we can only work with a limited number of clients and your booking will often mean that we have to turn other potential clients away we are now saying that your deposit is not refundable.  So please be certain that you want to go ahead before you send the deposit.

Overseas Clients
We make no extra charge for the time and effort to fly overseas (we pay (all or a large part of) the airfare you will need to arrange over-night accommodation).  This applies to any country worldwide since we wish to create a international BCC presence.

Is your fee the same for ADD/ADHD - Aspergers - Attachment Disordered Children?
We do not charge any extra (at the moment) for a child diagnosed or suspected of having these conditions even though getting the results you want can often involve 10 times more work.

When do Parents Need to Phone ?
Parents need to phone every day without fail in the first weeks if they want to be successful.   They will need to find a time when their child cannot overhear each day between
8.30am and 7.00pm UK.
Between 3.30am and 2.00pm Eastern Canada & US.
Between 2.30am and 1.00pm Central Canada & US.
Between 12.30am and 11.00pm Pacific Canada & US.
Between 7.30pm and 6.00am Eastern Australia.

So the single fee also covers?
All the work done.  All our time in consultation with you by phone each day. (You need to allow a good hour in the first weeks)   These calls continue each day - including weekends - until the problem is solved to your satisfaction and you decide when your child's behaviour is improved enough and your own skills secure enough for you to decrease support.

Is it expensive relative to what others charge?
We are tempted to say "what others?" as there are no other agencies that we know of that will work with you to change ADHD-associated behaviour on a daily basis.  No other agency either that will work with you until you are satisfied that the behaviour has changed to your satisfaction.

What is the structure of your Intervention with families?

  1. The problem  - you give us a detailed description of the problem and the changes that you require

  2. The responses - you give us a detailed description of your current responses and what you have tried in the past.

  3. The explanation - we give a detailed analysis of the effects your current dynamics and a detailed explanation of an alternative response to each of the behaviours that you want to change

  4. The Intervention - you begin the new responses the moment you next see your child

  5. Daily support - you communicate with us each day (including weekends) for around two months until the changes identified are achieved

  6. Open-ended - we are so confident that you will achieve your goal that you pay only a one-off payment for the original consultation.   We do not charge for the daily fine-tuning that we do, neither do we put a limit on how long it lasts.   This is where the body of the work is done - we create no barrier to this - parents have to be committed to communicate with us each day for the behaviour to change.

  7. The big difference - this is the big difference between our approach and that of other agencies.  Not only do we make detailed

    suggestions of what you should do (often other professions make general statements rather than give you the detail that you need) but we also put ourselves on the line each day to support you with each change that you make.   If we were not effective we would never work in this exposed way.

What countries are you prepared to travel to work with a family?
We are an international consultancy.   As well as travelling all over the U.K.
and Europe - increasingly we support parents all over the world.

I live in the United States I suppose it would be to very expensive for you
to come to me?

Not at all. We want to expand the influence of the consultancy and we enjoy travel.   We will currently travel to your country with NO additional cost except ticket and hotel expenses.

If you would like further details - or you would like to ask us any questions please

Contact us by phone or email or letter

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