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Adolescent Problems

    Adolescent Problems

    A practical Guide for Parents and Teachers

Author:   Doula Nicholson   Harry Ayers

Aims to help teachers and parents deal with the many different problems experienced by young people. The text presents theories and a range of practical approaches to help parents and teachers develop strategies with which to respond to particular problems. It has an accessible format with illustrations to help the reader identify the main elements of the theories, and provides an appendix of useful addresses and structured interview forms to help professionals interview adolescents and their parents.

Theory: the concept of adolescence; theories of adolescent development - Erikson and the development of identity, Kohlberg and moral development, Loevinger and ego development, Bandura and the social cognitive understanding of development, Bronfenbrenner and the ecological approach to development, Kegan and the constructive-developmental perspective to development, Blos and the object relations view on development; theoretical approaches to adolescent problems - behavioural, psychodynamic, client-centred, cognitive, rational-emotive, social-cognitive, ecosystemic. Practice: adolescent problems - behaviour difficulties, emotional difficulties, relationship difficulties, sexual relationships, eating disorders, substance abuse, case studies; interview forms for using with adolescent and parents/carers. Appendix: useful addresses.

Publisher:   David Fulton Publishers 

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Adolescent Problems




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