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U.K.School Behaviour Policy

    Developing and implementing
    a whole school
    behaviour policy

    A practical approach

 Harry Ayers   Don Clarke  Warwick Dyer   Peggy Gosling  Francesca Gray   Anne Murray  Alastair Ross

This work provides schools with a practical guide to a co-operative approach to producing, implementing and evaluating a Whole-School Behaviour Policy. It builds on the recommendations of the 1989 Elton Report and on recent DFE circulars. It should assist schools with OFSTED inspections. The book also provides materials and activities for schools to photocopy and use in the process.

What needs to be included in a whole-school behaviour policy?
Turning policy into practice - procedures and structures for making the policy work; involving the whole school community and making the development process work; assessment and information gathering; developing a policy in the primary school; developing a policy in the secondary school; monitoring and evaluating the policy.

Publisher:   David Fulton Publishers 

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Developing and implementing
a whole school behaviour policy

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